Physical Education and Research In Sports Science

Physical education and reserch in sports sciences have also made much headway.Today in addition to Beijing University of Physical Education,China has 15 physical culture institutes at the college leves,and 120 colleges and universities have PE dapartments.As for scientific research,35 institutes have been established in different parts of the country.The Chinese Sports Science Association has 10,000 members.Working on a wide range of subjects,they have contributed effectively towards the improvement of the physique of children and youth as well as the elevation of athletic standards.

Newspapers,magazines,journals and publishing houses that follow sports in China have markedly increased in number.There are 12,353 newspapers and magazines,including the English-language magazine China Sports that focus on sports.More than 400 million copies of books on sports have been printed.Most Chinese television and radio stations broadcast new on sports events and sports celebrities.